Brief: Luna is Amazon's cloud-based gaming service that allows gamers to seamlessly play across a range of devices. Before launching their product to the public, they tapped Laundry Service to execute an ‘early access’ launch.

Challenge: Create engaging social content to inform and build excitement around the launch of Luna.  

Solution: Insights around the gaming community lead to the decision to focus on Twitter as the key channel to focus on for the 'early access' launch. Creative focused on the range of games and ease of use, using clips of gameplay and game related trivia to spark conversations, along with gamer influencer partnerships to amplify reach.

Role: As Senior Designer, I adapted Luna branding to develop key art, design systems for multiple content strains, and #TeamLuna influencer merch to introduce gamers and the world to the brand new platform.

Luna Social Launch
Senior Designer
Social Media Marketing Design
Laundry Service
Influencer Merch

#TeamLuna merch brought the Luna brand into the real world, with premium swag that influencers actually wanted to use.