Brief: As the best in the sports drink game, BodyArmor is not only endorsed by, but also invested in by world-class athletes like Megan Rapinoe and James Harden.

Challenge: Create a 360 campaign that communicates BodyArmor's benefits and highlights its athlete ambassadors.

Solution: Laundry Service created 'The Only Sports Drink' campaign built on a bold claim, backed by real product benefits. To launch the campaign, we developed a new visual identity using CGI product heroes, athlete photography treatments, modern typography, and refreshing gradients.

Role: As Senior Designer, I developed campaign branding, and ideated and executed design across OOH, digital, social, and retail P.O.S.

'The Only Sports Drink'
Senior Designer
Art Direction, Branding, Integrated Marketing Design, Motion, Retouching
Laundry Service
Brand Identity

To amplify the 360° brand strategy, we developed a design system that allowed consistency in messaging and visual ID, differentiated product lines and flavors, and highlighted athletes and RTBs.

Mixed Typography

Selecting a font with a wide range of variants allowed for a typography treatment that highlighted key words through weights and styles while maintaining consistency and flexibility.

Product Heroes

Partnering with a with a 3D agency we developed a range of refreshing product hero images. Incorporating the gradients into the renders allowed for the product shots to be repurposed in a range of design applications.

Athlete Photo Treatments

To incorporate the various athlete ambassadors with the wide range of product varieties, we developed a photo treatment that adapted neutrally shot images on white backgrounds, to have gradient backgrounds and gel lighting that mimicked the product heroes.

Gradients: Regular

Bold, saturated colors based on varying product flavors.

Gradients: Lyte

Softly vibrant colors based on varying product flavors.

Gradients: SportsWater

Clean, neutral spectrum of grays.

Digital & Social Marketing

The design system laid a path to build a library of design assets that allowed for endless flexibility. Motion or still assets could be created with interchangeable RTBs, athletes, and products for easy targeting of varying audiences across all social platforms.

Retail & Digital Marketing

With retail partners ranging from big box stores to convenience chains, we designed a wide range of collateral including cooler clings, palette wraps, PR stunts, and digital marketing email and banners.