Brief: As subsidiaries of Wasserman Media, Laundry Service and Cycle Media remain their own entities, but are operationally blended. Laundry Service launched as a Social Agency in 2011, 8 years later it was still operating with the original, outdated website. The agency tasked me with designing two websites; one for Laundry Service and one for its influencer marketing/production company Cycle Media.

Challenge: Simplify, refine, and evolve the branding for the two sibling agencies and translate that into web experiences.

Solution: I delivered brand guidelines that were easy to use, minimal enough to not take focus from brand case studies, and reflected the creative culture and value of openness.

Role: Working with executive leadership, I led the development of the new brand identity. I then led user experience and UI design to deliver two websites; and

Laundry Service Branding & UI Design
Laundry Service
Design Director
Branding, Art Direction, Integrated Marketing Design
Color Palette

Each agency (Laundry Service, Cycle Media, and Wasserman Media) has established brand colors. My solve was to define usage and establish a supplemental palette for illustrations and partnership design collateral.

Updated Typeface & Logo

An expedited timeline made full brand overhaul outside of scope. I offered solutions to uplift brand assets while maintaining recognition. Updating the primary font to Oswald added visual interest, which with the fine-tuning of character spacing illustrated attention to detail.

Portrait Photography

I developed guidelines for employee photography to ensure portraits were produced on-brand and consistently across different offices. I executed all stages of the shoots from pre-production to final asset delivery.


As a creative, I'm passionate about creating opportunities to highlight employees' skills and creativity. Developing an illustration guide encouraged anyone to contribute with freedom of expression, while maintaining visual cohesion and appropriate content and tone.

Illustration by Adam Khalilullah
Illustration by Steph De Jong
Illustration by Macaihah Broussard
UI / UX Design

After finalizing the visual identity, I worked with executive leadership to developed the UX of the Laundry Service and Cycle websites. Though minimal by design, I looked for opportunities to add "surprise & delight" in the UI with interactive graphics and animated illustrations.