Brief: Gourmia's commitment to product innovation and affordability has led to continued growth in sales volume, range of products, and expansion into new international markets. To sustain this growth and maintain market share in an increasingly competitive category, it was crucial to differentiate with a clear brand strategy and streamline their marketing design processes.

Challenge: Evolve marketing strategies from those of a product-focused manufacturer to those of a differentiated, consumer-focused brand.

Solution: Develop a brand strategy and supporting creative that communicates Gourmia's passion for product innovation and  connects with consumers through real-life benefits. A new brand identity was crafted to reflect Gourmia's values of innovation and simplicity. Design sprints based on common user experiences allowed the team to create a comprehensive brand toolkit, insuring consistency, cohesion, and efficient production across all future creative projects.

Role: As Design Director, my first task was to increase efficiency and quality of marketing by implementing brand standards and production processes. I then led research, strategy, and creative development to evolve and modernize the brand's identity across all consumer touch-points.

Brand Evolution
Design Director
Branding, Creative Direction, Integrated Marketing Design
Logo Development

The brand's prior logos lacked scalability, legibility and variety. A new brand wordmark, brandmark, and lockups delivered variation and visual balance. The key identifier "power button" was evolved to be reflected in the "G" in the wordmark and new symbols of an electric outlet and rounded dinner plate gave more context to the brand's category.


When it came to product packaging and experience, the key objectives were to simplify and standout. With dozens of new products yearly across multiple product categories, implementing strategic design systems and asset production allowed for packaging, user manuals, recipe books to be produced more efficiently and consistently. Added project management processes and asset library systems also improved cross-department collaboration, cutting production lead times.


We shifted marketing messaging from heavily product focused, toting "futuristic technology" and patented features, to communicating the product benefits that they delivered. New creative showcased the endless possibilities and ease of use of Gourmia appliances. Food and beverage recipe content was used to inspire and inform. Tying in specific health, lifestyle, or function benefits helped build brand awareness and encouraged audiences to stay engaged with the brand as a trusted resources.


Comprehensive photography production guidelines streamlined asset production, crafting higher quality in less time. Going beyond creative direction, they outlined display composition, material treatments, and prop/food styling guidance. Including file delivery specifications meant that images could easily be incorporated into design templates or delivered for e-commerce without the need for multiple workflows.