Brief: Stone & Beam is Amazon's private label furniture line. Supply chain issues and inventory sellouts created hurdles when developing content that showcased specific products. Amazon partnered with Laundry Service to develop strategy and creative to launch Stone & Beam through adaptive messaging and assets.

Challenge: Create a social prospecting campaign to test messaging and gain insights while effectively launching Stone & Beam.   

Solution: A mix of video and static assets were developed for Instagram and Pinterest, two key platforms where consumers look for home decor inspiration. Assets showcased imagery that could easily be swamped with images of similar products, while building brand awareness through 'Simple As...' messaging and graphic elements.

Role: I designed still and motion assets for the campaign, as well as client presentations.

Stone & Beam Social Launch
Senior Designer
Social Media Marketing Design
Laundry Service
Simple As...

delivering simple ads to target key audiences where they sourced their interior inspiration; Instagram and Pinterest. The ads were to designed to feel natural in users' feeds, stories, and boards, and served as inspiration that was instantly shop-able.